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Contest Update: Exaclair Travel Journals

July 27th, 2009 by Jordan


Exaclair has been kind enough to support our travel habits (and the Izuno Travel Giveaway) by supplying us with a variety of very cool journals.  The above journals along with numerous other travel items will be given away on August 8th, 2009 to anybody who has left a comment on the site or sent me their name via email.  REMINDER:  It is not too late to enter!

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56 Responses

  1. Adrian Hall Says:

    Another generous give away. Would love to win any of those!

  2. Sam Says:

    What an absolutely fabulous giveaway, you are extremely generous. Would love any of those pictured above, though Habana has to be top of my wish list.

  3. Jolene Says:

    Lovely – perfect for traveling!

  4. B Irwin Says:

    It’s amazing how far we’ll travel to get our hands on these notebooks. No length to which we will not go. No step left untaken. No cliche left unspoken.

  5. Okami Says:

    Count me in!! I love journals.

  6. Andrew Says:

    I would love a journal. I realize more and more lately that I need one to jot down my ideas while going from place to place.

  7. kimberly Says:

    Count me in! I would love one of these.

  8. Jon Says:

    What a great contest – nothing beats paper and pen(cil) when you’re off the beaten path.

  9. stacy m Says:

    I would love one…count me in! Thank you.

  10. Andrew Hoffman Says:

    Nice notebooks. I’d love to win some. Andy

  11. Thomas Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Sarah Says:

    Love these journals! :D

  13. Mer Says:

    Ooooh, notebooks.

  14. nrepose Says:

    I would love to fill one of these with wonderful travel stories. Thanks for the giveaway! Nr

  15. Kenneth Finnegan Says:


  16. Steven Scotten Says:

    I am a huge fan of that lovely Exaclair paper.

  17. Scott Parker Says:

    Tres cool site. Got here via Quo Vadis. I’ll be returning often.

  18. kookychick Says:

    I love Exaclair products! Thank you for hosting this giveaway! :-)

  19. Carolina Canadian Says:

    This would give me a great excuse to keep up with a travel camping journal. Too bad Charlotte doesn’t have many/any retail outlets for these.

  20. Eric Cramer Says:

    I would love to win any Exaclair product! I’ve heard so many good things about them!

  21. Patricia Allen Says:

    Would love to win a notebook. I’ve got to buy one soon anyway. Would give me a change to try yours.

  22. Aditi Says:

    The notebooks look great!

  23. Pensive Says:

    Great selection, especially the buzzed-heavy Habana.

  24. Leprechaun Says:

    Great idea for a giveaway! Count me in.

  25. The Archer Says:

    Cool! You are very generous in your contests! I am hopeful to win one in this contest. Cheers!

  26. Christine Says:

    Very cool! Been keeping travel journals for 30 yrs and these are beautiful.

  27. Donnie Says:

    Those journals look nice, count me in!

  28. Steve Says:

    Always in the market for a new notebook or journal!

  29. Bruce Says:

    Thanks for your generosity in sponsoring this giveaway.

  30. Matt F Says:

    Cool, I’ve been meaning to try some of these.

  31. Scott Says:

    It surprises me how I have come back to wanting lines and grids in my sketchbooks and journals. These look great!

  32. Speedmaster Says:

    Great contest, thanks!!!

  33. Myles Says:

    Wow. You guys are great. Fantastic selection of journals pictured above…would adore any of them. Thanks for holding the give away!

  34. Johnny Says:

    Awesome! Me wanty! :)

  35. docxombie Says:

    wow, that looks like a great prize, more stuff to write on. yay!

  36. GrannyKass Says:

    Love the Rhodia, Claire Fontaine products. Can always use more. A great way to remember those travel events.

  37. Elisia Says:

    Count me in? I recently fell in love with your planners!

  38. Carys Says:

    What a fun contest — I’d love to win something!

  39. Sara Says:

    What a great lot of journals :) Thank you for the chance.

  40. Cathy P Says:

    I plan to make a life’s journey to the Greek Islands this fall and plan to journal the entire time. I lead a yellow legal pad kind of life and would love to upgrade to the best of the best journals for my long awaited trip. I would be so honored to use one of your journals!

  41. Benny Ng Says:

    Wow! Great contest! Count me in please.

  42. Jen Orozco Says:

    Ideal traveling companions!

  43. Tim (m) Says:

    Such a big fan of these products. Thanks for the chance to win some.

  44. Eileen Says:

    I have been slowly collecting products from Exaclair, and this would definitely match perfectly with our J. Herbin ink. And my other fountain pens.

  45. JonelB Says:

    Ooooo… a Habana.
    Count me in!

  46. Melanie Evans Says:

    I really don’t NEED another journal but since when has NEED ever been the REAL issue!! I’d LOVE a new journal!!

  47. Michael C Says:

    This is a neat giveaway! I’m assuming that simply by posting, I’m entering the contest? :)

  48. dianeb Says:

    Great contest for all my favorite journals!

  49. Melissa Says:

    That’s a wonderful looking bunch up there! I’d love to enter!

  50. Gini Cooper Says:

    Please add my name to the hat. I would like to start an illustrated travel journal and this would be a great way to start! Thanks!

  51. Tejal Says:

    Wow, what a great idea for a giveaway! Thanks so much for the generosity. Count me in; as it is, I’ve been looking for a great travel journal! What a wonderful stroke of luck :-)

  52. Ramon Says:

    What can I say? Let me join in with all these great people who love to travel and share the same enthusiasm for Exaclair products.


  53. Ramon Says:

    Sorry, typo in e-mail just corrected it.

  54. jenny Says:

    Whoo! It’d be perfect timing for a new journal should this come to me.

  55. Stephanie Says:

    When I heard about “travel” journals I thought…hmmm I don’t travel much to journal…then I thought how incredible it would be to journal my way through my everyday life! I’m sure this is normal for many people…for me it’s new. It would be perfect to start with one of these wonderful journals! Thanks for the opportunity.

  56. Bro. Pete Says:

    A travel Journal calls me to pay attention to a trip. No matter how small the trip there are things happening all the time.

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