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7 Just…Awful SkyMall Products

September 22nd, 2008 by Jordan

I do fly quite a bit for someone who’s not flying due to business, and I almost always take a look through the magazines in the seat pocket in front of me. If it’s a particularly long flight or tarmac delay (no electronic devices), I get around to the SkyMall catalog…and every time I manage to be impressed by human nature’s ability to attempt entrepreneurship. So, here are 7 God awful products from SkyMall.

1. Nose Aid – $24.95

Clinically patented by an emergency room physician to stop nose bleeds is the Nose Aid. (otherwise known as fingers)

2. Traveling Pet Seat – $99.95

Your dog can travel safely and enjoy the view! (just don’t forget to buy a harness which is another $70.00)

bad sky mall pic

3. Beach Radio Headset – $39.95

Lighweight, foldable, portable, water-resistant FM radio player! (should be guaranteed to get you a free ipod from a sympathetic soul who feels sorry for you)

bad sky mall pic

4. Panda Rain Guage – $24.95

“The Cadillac of Rain Guages” – SkyMall (company A…”What the fuck am I going to do with all these extra pandas?” | company B…”we need something to spice up our rain guage…they’re just not selling because they look like every other rain guage ever produced”)

5. Wine & Hors D’oeuvr Tray – $59.95

Bamboo tray created by celebrity chef. (pretty sure I still don’t know how you set it down)

6. Luma Step’ N Shave – $49.95

“supports your foot as you shave…includes powerful suction cups” (I don’t shave my legs…but seriously…come on folks. The really funny thing about this is the reviewer gave it 1 star…apparently it kept slipping to the bottom of the shower….go figure)

7. Skyrest Travel Pillow – $29.95

Featured by the early show on CBS! (…no comment)

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