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My Tic List for 2009 (projects…not destinations)

January 5th, 2009 by Jordan

So as far as I can see my travel plans are very limited due to budget constraints. (@#$^!-ing 8-5 job’s are not fun). So here is what I hope to accomplish within the calendar year. And if you are going to be stuck at home this year…create your own list, we’ll survive together.

1. Create handmade chess set (at least 4 pawns). I started this in ’08, using rocks and rock shaping tools, it takes a while, but it passes the time and I enjoy chess enough to justify this really nerdy project.

2. Master my Nikon D200. Finally find out what the fuck white balance actually is.

3. Recruit team of professional marketers/activists for big online project. Currently Izuno Travel is the only site I operate, but I have plans for a site to help small businesses. Mark my words…that will be my last of two sites I will operate.

4. Create and master one calligraphy font. I’ve actually started on this, but haven’t mastered anything yet.

5. Run at least one 5K with buddy in St. Louis.

6. Be able to hold breathe for 3 minutes underwater. This is probably the stupidest idea I’ve had, and most difficult for me as I’ve been inhaling more second hand smoke than ever.

7. Stop starting projects that I know I won’t follow up on.

8. Play soccer in park.

9. Get out of the country at least once, if only to Mexico for a week.

10. Convince 3 friends/family why economic growth should not be the goal but rather economic stability.

11. Go vegetarian for 1 month. I’m thinking February. (psss…it’s usually shorter than other months…shhh)

12. Update this blog at least 3 times a week for entire year. UPDATE 8/30:  Ya…so didn’t happen…my apologies

After that, it’s all a bonus. A friend of mine is going to New Zealand and Australia for a couple months, I’ll ask her to write a couple of posts so I don’t get completely off the travel subject. And hopefully see some good pictures. Oh, which brings me to 13. Start FlickR Photo set for I might even knock that one out this week.

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