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“Filter For Good” Nalgene Bottle

May 28th, 2008 by Jordan

Filter for good nalgene bottleA couple bits of news from Nalgene. The first is that they decided to slowly halt production on their original polycarbonate bottles that they’ve been making for years due to the BPA scare. The second is that they teamed up with Brita and Another one of those silly “green” marketing things. Attempting to reduce water bottle waste…by…purchasing…a new “reusable” water bottle. If you can’t tell, I’m just sick of corporations using the green thing to brand their products. I’ve got nothing against environmentalism.


Running the “Green Thing” in the Ground

May 6th, 2008 by Jordan


This ad is from Wal-Mart…my favorite company in the whole wide world….ya right. Actually, not one day goes by I don’t think about all the crap wal-mart pulls. And now, they have taken the “Green” theme that I once was a fan of, and turned it into some distorted pungent marketing scheme. They aren’t alone, Chevy bit hard (which I think is just so funny it’s sad), and so did numerous other companies.

Here’s the thing. Sun Chips says it purchases enough “Green Energy Credits” to match the electricity used to produce Sun Chips Snacks. Well…it doesn’t take a lot of energy to produce a bag since they are doing it on a mass scale. And second…what the hell is a “green energy credit”…whatever it is, and whoever they write the check to, I bet they get to deduct it. And what about all the gas used to transport the bags to the stores. And if every wal-mart drone did actually purchase a bag, then they would be making more money, using more energy to restock and so on. Basically, it’s not a good thing what they are trying to sell. Sun Chips also said that they support renewable energy and that one of their plants installed solar collectors to help power the plant. 1 plant out of 8…and they just began this in 2008?. What a bunch of jokers. Talk to me again when you’re not dishing out complete b.s.

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Terra Pass

November 15th, 2007 by Jordan

Terra Pass

Terra Pass is for those who want to travel yet feel guilty about the carbon emmissions that is involved. This site provides a card you purchase based on the amount of carbon emmissions you generate. They have calculators to predict your pollution by flight, road, and even wedding parties. The money you spend on your terra pass goes to causes that offset the damage. You can also trade in your old cell phone for dollar’s on a terrapass.


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