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iJourneys mp3 Walking Tour

April 15th, 2009 by Jordan


iJourneys produces walking tours for some Europe hot spots.  iJourneys have 12 locations available for audio tours ($14.95 with map), mostly Italy and Austria.  Download their mp3 to your ipod or mp3 device, head to the starting location, and press play.  I’ve always been a fan of these mp3 style tours.  There is no group or tour guide to go follow around like a bunch of sheep (which I’ve done more than once), there is no silly over-sized phone or playback device to hold to your ear walking around like a tourist.  These allow you to use your own headphones, with some degree of discretion, and still get some good information.  This particular company uses the voice of Elyse Weiner, who has worked as a news producer.  Her voice is about what you would expect from a tour guide.

Which got me to thinking…who would you most like to be the voice on your mp3 travel guide?  I think I’d want someone with a sarcastic take on the whole process yet smooth voice.  Maybe Julia Louis-Dreyfus?  That could be alright.

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Brunton Solaris i6 iPod Charger

July 29th, 2008 by Jordan

brunton i6 solar panel ipod charger

Got an extra $208.40 laying around the place?  If you do, then maybe you could use a portable solar iPod charger.  I think one of these would be nice to have, and it might even be an investment if you use your iPod daily for the next 20 years….maybe.  Away from the price, I’m a fan of solar power, because when you’re traveling, sometimes it’s your only option.  Brunton sells these along with other lightweight portable solar products and accessories.

Nike Human Race 8.31.08

July 23rd, 2008 by Jordan

Nike Human race

I must admit I’m torn between two worlds right now. I’ll explain later. Nike+ Human Race is attempting, and will in all likelihood succeed in creating the largest race in the world. Around the world, runners will be racing a 10K. You can participate by either registering and running in one of their select cities, I believe there are 4 in the states and numerous others in countries around the world, or you can use your nike+ ipod to run your own 10K then upload your time to their site.

Now, getting back to my issue of being torn. It is very very difficult to find fault with giving people a reason to go outside and exercise with enthusiasm, and I feel Nike has done that. Here’s the issue I have. I really don’t like the fact you have to have an ipod, computer, internet connection, and a trendy consumer sense to participate. Using a cliche, I suppose it’s just the world we live in. But something just doesn’t seem right to me when I picture myself running past a poor neighborhood (vision: children stop their street soccer game to stare at me) with my $150 ipod and $100 Nike shoes on. Maybe I should ignore what those children don’t have, and ‘just do it.’

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October 3rd, 2007 by Jordan

soundwalk travel journal ipod

You’ll probably here find a lot of these companies in the future, but this one is the pop one right now. Soundwalk provides walking audio tours of cities (mainly different parts of New York) for your mp3 device. By the way mp3 device just sounds so funny now post iPod age. The best thing about this company is that they are the most professional when it comes to providing a good walking tour. They don’t just sell you a link to download, they provide you with a city map of the area the tour is about. The downside…the cost - $19.95 from amazon seems high.

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